HGH Deficiency – These are the top signs

Changes in physique or personal appearance are among the chief symptoms of an HGH issue, according to American Longevity Centers online HGH test. The Miami-based clinic has released a list of symptoms that may be indicative of a lack of Human Growth Hormone, and has a special diagnostic exam on its website that allows users to decide for themselves whether they may be at risk.

A marked physical decline may be the most noticeable sign of low HGH levels, according to the clinic. HGH, also known as Human Growth Hormone, is a hormone produced in the pituitary gland that helps the body with development and growth. Upon reaching full grown adulthood, the body naturally begins cutting HGH production, even though the hormone still plays an important role. A body with inadequate HGH will begin to break down, losing muscle mass and gaining fat, especially around the midsection. Healing times may significantly increase, joints or muscles may hurt unexplainably, and physical abilities may decline. It may become easier to get fatigued, and harder to recover from it.

Symptoms of Low Human Growth Hormone Levels

Low HGH levels can also affect physical appearance, aside from the reapportioning of muscle into body fat. Individuals suffering from a lack of HGH may seem to age quickly, with hair thinning and the skin becoming loose and wrinkled. Bruises may become more apparent and take longer to disappear. Other HGH-related problems include insomnia, confusion, depression, or anxiety, and the dreaded sexual issues that can rob a person of their virility.

Luckily, at American Longevity Center in Miami, expert physicians are well versed in the diagnosis and treatment of HGH deficiencies. They carefully tailor treatment to a patients individual body chemistry through the latest diagnostic testing. With safe and effective HGH supplementation treatments, the body is restored to a healthy balance. In most cases, the negative symptoms of low HGH are completely eliminated and reversed, which leaves patients feeling healthier, living better, and looking younger.

With modern medical technology, its now possible to catch up to aging before aging catches up to you. At advanced clinics like American Longevity Center in Miami, the hormonal issues that come with the passage of time can be treated and cured, giving patients the freedom to live their way, without limitations. No one should suffer for lack of Human Growth Hormone when the remedy is as simple as a phone call to ALC.

For more information, call 800-777-8332 or visit http://www.americanlongevitycenter.com/hgh-therapy.html

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