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Breaking News About Low Testosterone and Weight Loss

American Longevity Center, the nations leading authority on symptoms and conditions associated with low testosterone, sites a new study by the Endocrine Society that says weight loss can reduce the prevalence of low testosterone levels in overweight, middle-aged men with prediabetes by almost 50 percent.

The results were presented June 25 at The Endocrine Society’s 94th Annual Meeting in Houston.

The new study involved nearly 900 men with prediabetes (also called impaired glucose tolerance) who had participated in the Diabetes Prevention Program. That now-completed U.S. study showed that people at high risk of Type 2 diabetes could delay or avoid developing the disease through weight loss. Because overweight men are more likely to have low testosterone levels, Hayes and her colleagues studied the effect of weight loss on mens testosterone levels.

The men were randomly assigned to receive one of three treatments: 293 men to lifestyle modification, 305 to the diabetes drug metformin and 293 to inactive placebo pills. Lifestyle modifications consisted of exercising for 150 minutes a week and eating less fat and fewer calories.

With lifestyle modification, the prevalence of low testosterone levels decreased from about 20 percent to 11 percent after one year, a 46 percent decrease, the authors reported.

American Longevity Center physicians are encouraged by the new report. The Miami clinic has been at the forefront of treating low testosterone in men of all ages and is an advocate of proactive medicine for all men and women. ALC physicians note that some men may require additional treatment for their low testosterone, but agree that weight loss and healthy living should become an integral part of any treatment program.

When our doctors treat a patient for low testosterone, we always consider the other facets of their health that can be contributing factors, says John Graner, President of American Longevity Center. All of our hormone replacement therapy programs involve proper nutrition, supplementation and a healthy diet as part of the treatment regimen. It is only when your body is at its optimum level of health that you can fully experience the benefits of any treatment regimen.

American Longevity Center offers low testosterone treatment in Miami as well and has affiliated offices throughout the country. The company has locations throughout the United States with six locations in Florida alone. For more information on their testosterone therapy treatment programs, visit them online http://www.americanlongevitycenter.com/low-testosterone-therapy-miami.html or call 786-474-3054.

Do You Have Low Testosterone? Take the Low T Test Online

A new Low T test available on the American Longevity Center website helps eliminate some of the guesswork involved for men who think they may be suffering from low testosterone. Men are asked to answer a number of yes or no questions, with the end result determining the likelihood of whether or not the user has andropause (low testosterone), and thus might benefit from hormone replacement therapy treatments at American Longevity Center.

Andropause the scientific name for low testosterone, stemming from the fact that the hormone is an androgen is a common condition that affects millions of men. Its caused by the bodys natural decrease in testosterone production. Even though its not medically beneficial, the bodys testosterone levels decrease an average 1-2% every year after age 30. In some cases, the decline can be even more drastic.

Andropause is a common cause of many age related issues, including those related to physical conditioning, mental and emotional well-being, and sexual health. Using the American Longevity Centers new Low T test, men can see if theyre suffering from some of the common ailments that accompany low testosterone.

Fortunately, thanks to advanced medical techniques at clinics like ALC, andropause and its related symptoms are eminently treatable. The expert physicians at ALC run a full complement of advanced diagnostic tests and can design a customized health plan that is tailored specifically to ones individual conditioning and body chemistry.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Treats Low Testosterone

Through hormone replacement therapy and a full course of other treatments available at ALC, the bodys natural testosterone production is supplemented, and andropause can be effectively treated. Testosterone levels are restored to a natural, healthy balance, and the andropause sufferer is returned to the sharp mental and physical state of his youth.

If lately you feel like youve been missing that special spark, you might be suffering from low testosterone. The American Longevity Centers Low T test is a great place to start to learn more, and can be accessed at: http://www.americanlongevitycenter.com/take-the-low-t-test.html.

With the modern medical technology available today, theres no reason for any man to just deal with the symptoms. Take the Low T test, and put yourself on the road to recovery.

To learn more about Low Testosterone and hormone replacement therapy, visit American Longevity Center online at http://www.americanlongevitycenter.com/

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