Too Much Testosterone May Cause Health Problems

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The problems accompanying low testosterone levels are well documented, but many people dont know that having a level of testosterone thats too high can also be unhealthy. Miami-based healthy aging clinic American Longevity Center (ALC) offers some information on health conditions associated with high testosterone levels.

According to a Journal of Behavioral Medicine study, men with higher than normal amounts of testosterone were much more likely to engage in risky behaviors. Those slightly above normal levels were 24% more likely to have had an injury, 32% more likely to drink heavily, 35% more likely to have an STD, and 151% more likely to smoke. As the amount of testosterone increased above that point, so did the mens chances of risky behaviors. Decision making abilities can also be negatively impacted by higher than normal levels of testosterone.

Other symptoms men may face as result of elevated testosterone levels include aggressiveness and mood swings, acne, and testicular shrinkage. It can also cause hair loss and lowered fertility. Too high levels of testosterone maintained over a longer period of time can lead to an enlarged prostate and problems with the circulatory system.

Levels of testosterone so high that they cause health problems rarely occur naturally. Theyre often the result of abusing steroids or other physical performance enhancing substances, and in that case it can be especially harmful. In addition to the other well-known risks of abusing performance enhancers (problems with temperament, heart risks, etc), the elevated testosterone levels can ruin a mans endocrine system. The body is fooled into thinking that it has enough testosterone, and so it cuts or ceases its own hormone production. This can cause a myriad of health problems for men, including an inability to naturally produce testosterone once off the performance enhancers.

American Longevity Center recommends that no one take steroids or testosterone supplements except under the close care of a qualified, experienced physician.

If youre a man worried about your testosterone levels, whether high or low, your next call should be to ALC. The physicians at American Longevity Center are experts in hormone therapy and testosterone treatments, and they can create an individual health profile and design a custom treatment plan tailored to each unique patient.

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